Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Elements now have a small ribbon loop so you can hang them on your Christmas tree, on your wall, or in your car!

I have been super busy making all new items for the Degenerate Craft Fair. It is a two day fair that takes place in NYC. If you are in the area, check it out!

Here are some new element pillows with stunning fabrics (I loooove The City Quilter. They have the most fantastic fabrics). Some of the fabrics are old friends with a new twist and others brand new patterns that display a characteristic of the element it has embroidered on it (ex. Carbon is on a fabric with leaves).

For a city built with Iron, the NYC subway map is a perfect fit for this element

love for nature

Arsenic, an old favorite on new fabrics

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Jeweled Explorations

I have started becoming much more active on Flickr and Etsy, which are so enlightening and fun, but can really become addicting. I can't stop exploring all the different ways and types of craft and all of the wonderful creations people come up with. I even set up my own Etsy store.

Etsy Store!

One of my friends, Anita, taught me how to make jewelry a few weeks ago with sterling silver wire. It is sooo relaxing to me and I love making something so delicate and colorful.

I started with these earrings from some vintage glass beads I had found and Swarovski crystal. I have a whole little set all named after berries.

Then I started making some necklaces and bracelets. Anita generously shared some of her garnets and turquoise to make these beauties.

The bracelet started from just sterling silver wire and beads. I wire-wrapped the beads and slowly made the whole chain for the bracelet.

I bought some more supplies yesterday, so I will be making some more!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Graduation Sensation!

I can't believe I am finally done with my Bachelors! Let only graduating with my class.
Over the past for years, I have:

- been to three different colleges
- had 4 different majors (all within art or science)
- moved 6 semesters out of 8 (a total of 11 times including the summers)
- Lived in a sorority
- Lived in a mice and roach infested apartment (I will never miss that about Pratt)
- Learned that I am a grumpasaurus if I pull all-nighters and fall asleep in class anyways. I just can't do it!
- Been in the armed forces
- Worked at least part time every semester
- Met some of the craziest, kindest, and fantastic people
- Done a lot a growing, but there is so much more to do!
- Met the most amazing man in the entire world, got engaged, and finally married!

It has been a crazy college experience, but I loved (most every) minute of it!

Graduation was held in Radio City Music Hall and was an experience within itself. There were hundreds of graduation students in our vibrant red robes with family from all corners of the world. I was so happy that my dad, stepmom, Nana, great-aunt, and my amazing hubby were all able to come. SVA has a video of the whole thing! Check out Visual and Critical Studies for the best major in the school!

SVA Graduation!!!


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Belated Senior Studio Post

Belated updates on the Periodic Quilt are finally here! A month ago, the seniors at the School of Visual Arts had open studios, allowing students to decorate and curate their own studio spaces to their liking. Visual and Critical Studies (which is obviously the most amazing major at SVA) worked our little buns off to beautify our 7-studio block. The food was delicious, the give-aways were adorable, and the projects all very unique.

The centerpiece in my studio was an 11.5x5.5ft quilt. Each square is digitally embroidered with an element from the Periodic Table of Elements (even the new Ununseptium, element 117, which was discovered during the quilt’s creation).

Opposite the quilt was a collection of little pillows made from extra squares and some more embroidery.

These little babies are also digitally embroidered. It's a matryoshka family!

Finally, here is the finished Madison Square Park Map on watercolor paper.

We had a fantastic turn out and were all really happy with our projects. College is almost over!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Guggenheim's Moments of Magic

photo courtesy of zoo-york.net

A few months ago, my friend, Hammad, and I went to the Tino Sehgal show at the Guggenheim Museum. I had heard of Sehgal’s other works would put viewers into “constructed situations” in which participants or workers will carry out instructions. For example, a few years ago in a Chelsea gallery, visitors would enter, seeing guards at their posts (which is often the case in these high-end galleries). Suddenly, all of the guards would burst into song and dance, chanting “art is so con-TEM-por-ar-y TEM-por-ar-y!” As quickly as they began their performance, they ended, once again standing still at their posts.

This most recent work was entitled “This Progress.” Your journey began at the base of the towering, spiral staircase in the museum, the first time since the building’s opening that the walls were just white, clean of art and the ceiling skylight was opened. It was spectacular to see Wright’s creation as is was intended. Sadly, cameras were not permitted (as with many of Sehgal’s works) and I was being good that day.

We were greeted by a young boy, no older than twelve that boldly confronted us with the question “What is progress?” I can remember the funny inflection in his voice as he asked the only philosophical question I had heard outside of a classroom setting (or in one of the lovely banters my husband and I have).

I think Hammad was a better listener and conversationalist than I was that day. I couldn’t get over the white, spiral staircase. If I wasn’t so afraid of heights I would have slid down that “railing.” Or roller-bladed down the ramp :P. As we continued up the ramp, we encountered teenagers, adults, and finally those in their golden age, each asking or questioning our definition of progression. Some focused more on abstract concepts while others regaled stories from their own lives.

It never ceases to amaze me that in New York City with all of its vibrancy and concentrated population that we don’t speak to each other more. The city that never sleeps is often silent. This refreshing little encounter reminded me of that silence as well as the beautiful and diverse humanity in the city that I miss every day. This magical moment of a great friend, astounding architecture, philosophy and New Yorker conversation was a great way to spend an afternoon.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Sewing We Will Go ....

My days and dreams are filled with cotton weaves, acetate Sulky threads, and the clicks and tricks of the embroidery computer program. I have to say, I don't mind it too much. In fact, I would love to have a Husqvarna Viking Diamond digital embroidery machine (or any of the less flashy models, I am not picky). I am now acquaintances with all of the staff in the media lab, as well as many frequent users. Hopefully one of SVA's artists in residence and I will soon be working together on a collaborative project.My quilt is almost done! I finally have all of the individual elements sewn (with love in every stitch of course!). I will hopefully finish piecing it together tomorrow and start the backing. There is just so much to do in this next week before open studios.
I little side project that I have been working on with the scraps, trials, and dare I say a few errors, that I had during my element block making is these little pillows. Hopefully I can get these babies online and sold asap!I am also making an embroidered book of "Madison Square Park Flora" filled with perenials, trees, and all the little grassy things you can think of! Here is the first part of the cover the I have embroidered and did a little watercolor background.
During my travels to fabric stores, my hubby and I discovered one of these infamous NYC Subway posters. These posters actually made quite the controversy when they were first discovered. There's one for the scrapbook!
Just in case you can't read the small print:

How does this affect my trip?
- You're not going anywhere
Why is service being changed?
- We are making service cuts because we want to screw you and make you think there's nothing you can do about it.


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Short and Sweet

The quilt and coming together quickly as well as my other artistic endeavors as the school year's end looms just three weeks away. In the next few days I will post more pictures and progresses, but for now, I had to show this picture that made my heart do a little happy dance. Shit Woot is one of the websites ( little side note, shirt.woot is part of the "woot family" that has absolutely AMAZING deals. If you haven't checked it out before, take a peek!) that I view daily for a little laugh or just for a creative t-shirt. Other than the Lord of the Rings reference shirt that was up a week or two ago, this one is near the top of my "I am kind of a nerd and things like this just make me so happy" list. I am not quite sure how much I like the Chuck Norris reference (but eh, it is a Chuck Norris reference after all, and I wouldn't want to irk him for fear he will destroy my quilted periodic table), but the whole idea of on element completely wrecking havoc on all of its peers (since I have been wrestling with them for this quilt!) brings a little sparkle to my day :).

I mean come on! How cool is this!?!?

Saturday, April 3, 2010

I Found my Niche!

A busy week of art making, work, acupuncture, and a little bit of rest has led me to the conclusion that I LOVE digital embroidery. After spending 38 hours on any art project, I am ready to finish that baby up, hang it on the wall, and call it a day. I have been working on a quilt/applique of the Periodic Table of Elements, and I can not wait to hop back on that embroidery machine again tomorrow. I went to City Quilters with a fantastic array of patterns with beautiful detail and colors. Each pattern I chose with the idea of a specific elemental group in mind (this idea will become more clear when you see the final project).

I have also made a few more matryoshka dolls (some are still in the works, as you can see by the jump stitches :) ) to hopefully sell on Kickstarter.com, Etsy, or something similar to raise some money for this giant quilt and other college bills, so keep an eye out.

This spring has also been filled with beautiful weather and fantastic friends to enjoy it with! Walking to museums and galleries while weaving through the glass and metal maze of buildings will always lead the traveler to new and exciting place. Churches are sandwiched between skyscrapers and the windows reflect the city traffic down below.

Central Park also become quite a sight during the spring season. Adri and I strolled through the lower end of the Park, trying to make sure we didn't get lost in the Rambles (a small forested area with numerous twisting paths). We finally found Belvedere Castle and went up the winding stairs to view across the whole of the Park. The Great Lawn was closed, so people flocked like seagulls to the shores of the lakes and ponds on their blankets and towels (all those little white dots of bodies were so crammed together!) . I can't help but laugh at this image.

So much for my little break. Back to stitching!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

What sort of miraculous thing is this?

After a great lament over many lost images on my camera, I went to plug my little Canon into my computer to charge and low and behold, all of the images were back! I was happy as a college student that found out her final thesis paper was canceled (hint hint).

I have been roaming around Central Park a lot these last few weeks. Getting outside away from the realm of computers and drawing has done something fantastic for my brain. Even though I am ready to get all this work done and finally graduate, I feel recharged and slightly less ennui.
In a past post I mentioned the delightful little "Nuts 4 Nuts" carts that little NYC's sidewalks. Along with my little hand warmers and the famous Sabret hot-dog stands, I have found a new venue to satisfy my rumbling belly as I wander the park. Off of Broadway and 78th I encounted a truck of goodies, cookies, and all sorts of things that I couldn't resist. I purcharsed this little pumkpkin cookie pie and it was sooooo worth the money! Soft and deliscious, it was a perfect little boost as I headed off to work.
Speaking of work, I have found my new favorite medium: digital embroidery. I can input just about anything into the computer and with little love and patience with technology, Viola! you have a unique, embroidered creation! I have most recently been working on these little matryoshka dolls for senior open studios in a few months.
Well its back to work, no rest for the wicked :).

Friday, March 12, 2010

So what did I do to you? Huh??

I have a love/hate relationship with technology (as I know many people do :) ). It has this unique quality where it pulls you out of the confines of your room into an open, airy, forum of people and opportunities. It grants the user the power to capture a moment, phone a friend, saving endless time and resources (I think of the typewriter, how there is no backspace, and all of the drafts and grammatical changes I make on one paper… ugh!)At the same time, it binds you into its own room; one where you “can’t live another minute” without checking your email or growing crops on Facebook’s Farmville (I have found myself victim to its many, the constant stream of texts throughout the day that simply can not go unanswered, and the inability to leave the house without your iPhone.

All of this to say that my camera deleted all of the pictures on my SD card and I would like to have them back… please?

I have some new developments I am super excited about finally coming into fruition, and I will post pictures as soon as I retake them. :)

I also can not for the life of me find my watercolors. Where is everything going???

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Really, Jake? Really??

So now everyone will know one of my guilty pleasures, The Bachelor. Thanks to my sorority sisters for that one :).

So for any not watched the final episode of this season's Bachelor , read no further, because my rant will spoil the surprise.

I have watched The Bachelor almost religiously since season one, with its ever increasing drama and with more "this has never happened in Bachelor history" moments with each episode. Of course last season's Bachelor, Jason Mesnick, and dumping his first choice of Melissa with the more adventerous finalist, Molly. Controversy has surrounded this big switch with statements that the network instructed Jason to chose Melissa, who was not his first choice, so she could be dumped on national television months later.

Unlike Vienna, I did like Molly. Her personality was vivacious and caring, and while she did have her fair share of fights with fellow housemates, they pale in comparison to the scandal surrounding Vienna. When Jake sent Tenly Molzahn packing, I started screaming at my laptop, "What are you thinking!"

My passion arouse from the feeling that Jake, this kind, handsome, and seemingly mature man, was making one of the worst decisions that he will ever make. There were so many signs throughout the season that Vienna really had some maturing to do. From stories of how she wrecked and car, whined, and her father purchased a brand new vehicle, to her completely inability to get along with any women on the show, either the producers are weaving a new "never happened" moment, or there is something wrong with this girl. When woman after woman comes us to you saying that Vienna is not right for you, no one can get along with Vienna, Vienna is spoiled, etc., wouldn't that give you a clue that something is up??? Jake! Grab Tenly while you can! Forget Vienna's rebeliousness, it's fun now, but wait until you try to make that marriage work!

This craze for picking the wild child for your mate is going to lead to some interesting resluts.

Who knows, maybe the network created a villain out of a very sweet girl. But when Veinna comes pouting to Jake because she wrecked their brand new volvo and wants an new one, you can't say I didn't tell you so.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Embroidery and Silkscreen and Etching OH MY!

As the New York weather and winds create a most unwelcoming environment outside (and my waterlogged phone sits sadly on my desk), I have retreated to the studio to make some art! I am excited about working in some new mediums in my last semester as a student. I can't believe it is ending so soon. Anyway, here is some glass etching, silkscreening, and digital embroidery I have been working on.

The etched tea lights were gifts for all of the senior girls in my major. These two sets have polka dots and leaves.

For my silkscreening class, I am making an accordian book with a scientific theme. :)

I have been learning how to use the most amzing sewing machine I will probably ever get to touch. It allows the artist to take their own images that they have drawn and interpret the image into embroidery and sewing.

I am sure the weather will stay brisk, so more to come :).

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A New Year, a New Challenge

With last semester finally at a close, I was able to get some rest and take a break with family back home. It was so good to get away from the city and to be able to smell nature again (something other than wet pavement and people!).

Last semester, all of the seniors in the Visual and Critical Studies department (all six of us) worked our little buns off to make our "thesis projects" which would be shown in a gallery in our school. After all of the hours of working in our studios and lots and lots of coffee, I think we are all very proud of the results. The show is entitled Da/Sein. Because of our diverse backgrounds in art, each of us created very unique projects in a variety of mediums, anything from paint to video.

My project in particular
involves my first love of science.
It depicts effects of six elements from the periodic table on the human body: Mercury, Silver, Thallium, Radium, Cesium, and Chlorine. Cetral to all of the pieces is the Virtruvian Man, the perfect example of the melding of the measure of science and the beauty of art.

The show is up until February 7th! Enjoy :)