Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Jeweled Explorations

I have started becoming much more active on Flickr and Etsy, which are so enlightening and fun, but can really become addicting. I can't stop exploring all the different ways and types of craft and all of the wonderful creations people come up with. I even set up my own Etsy store.

Etsy Store!

One of my friends, Anita, taught me how to make jewelry a few weeks ago with sterling silver wire. It is sooo relaxing to me and I love making something so delicate and colorful.

I started with these earrings from some vintage glass beads I had found and Swarovski crystal. I have a whole little set all named after berries.

Then I started making some necklaces and bracelets. Anita generously shared some of her garnets and turquoise to make these beauties.

The bracelet started from just sterling silver wire and beads. I wire-wrapped the beads and slowly made the whole chain for the bracelet.

I bought some more supplies yesterday, so I will be making some more!

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