Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Belated Senior Studio Post

Belated updates on the Periodic Quilt are finally here! A month ago, the seniors at the School of Visual Arts had open studios, allowing students to decorate and curate their own studio spaces to their liking. Visual and Critical Studies (which is obviously the most amazing major at SVA) worked our little buns off to beautify our 7-studio block. The food was delicious, the give-aways were adorable, and the projects all very unique.

The centerpiece in my studio was an 11.5x5.5ft quilt. Each square is digitally embroidered with an element from the Periodic Table of Elements (even the new Ununseptium, element 117, which was discovered during the quilt’s creation).

Opposite the quilt was a collection of little pillows made from extra squares and some more embroidery.

These little babies are also digitally embroidered. It's a matryoshka family!

Finally, here is the finished Madison Square Park Map on watercolor paper.

We had a fantastic turn out and were all really happy with our projects. College is almost over!

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