Thursday, March 18, 2010

What sort of miraculous thing is this?

After a great lament over many lost images on my camera, I went to plug my little Canon into my computer to charge and low and behold, all of the images were back! I was happy as a college student that found out her final thesis paper was canceled (hint hint).

I have been roaming around Central Park a lot these last few weeks. Getting outside away from the realm of computers and drawing has done something fantastic for my brain. Even though I am ready to get all this work done and finally graduate, I feel recharged and slightly less ennui.
In a past post I mentioned the delightful little "Nuts 4 Nuts" carts that little NYC's sidewalks. Along with my little hand warmers and the famous Sabret hot-dog stands, I have found a new venue to satisfy my rumbling belly as I wander the park. Off of Broadway and 78th I encounted a truck of goodies, cookies, and all sorts of things that I couldn't resist. I purcharsed this little pumkpkin cookie pie and it was sooooo worth the money! Soft and deliscious, it was a perfect little boost as I headed off to work.
Speaking of work, I have found my new favorite medium: digital embroidery. I can input just about anything into the computer and with little love and patience with technology, Viola! you have a unique, embroidered creation! I have most recently been working on these little matryoshka dolls for senior open studios in a few months.
Well its back to work, no rest for the wicked :).

Friday, March 12, 2010

So what did I do to you? Huh??

I have a love/hate relationship with technology (as I know many people do :) ). It has this unique quality where it pulls you out of the confines of your room into an open, airy, forum of people and opportunities. It grants the user the power to capture a moment, phone a friend, saving endless time and resources (I think of the typewriter, how there is no backspace, and all of the drafts and grammatical changes I make on one paper… ugh!)At the same time, it binds you into its own room; one where you “can’t live another minute” without checking your email or growing crops on Facebook’s Farmville (I have found myself victim to its many, the constant stream of texts throughout the day that simply can not go unanswered, and the inability to leave the house without your iPhone.

All of this to say that my camera deleted all of the pictures on my SD card and I would like to have them back… please?

I have some new developments I am super excited about finally coming into fruition, and I will post pictures as soon as I retake them. :)

I also can not for the life of me find my watercolors. Where is everything going???

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Really, Jake? Really??

So now everyone will know one of my guilty pleasures, The Bachelor. Thanks to my sorority sisters for that one :).

So for any not watched the final episode of this season's Bachelor , read no further, because my rant will spoil the surprise.

I have watched The Bachelor almost religiously since season one, with its ever increasing drama and with more "this has never happened in Bachelor history" moments with each episode. Of course last season's Bachelor, Jason Mesnick, and dumping his first choice of Melissa with the more adventerous finalist, Molly. Controversy has surrounded this big switch with statements that the network instructed Jason to chose Melissa, who was not his first choice, so she could be dumped on national television months later.

Unlike Vienna, I did like Molly. Her personality was vivacious and caring, and while she did have her fair share of fights with fellow housemates, they pale in comparison to the scandal surrounding Vienna. When Jake sent Tenly Molzahn packing, I started screaming at my laptop, "What are you thinking!"

My passion arouse from the feeling that Jake, this kind, handsome, and seemingly mature man, was making one of the worst decisions that he will ever make. There were so many signs throughout the season that Vienna really had some maturing to do. From stories of how she wrecked and car, whined, and her father purchased a brand new vehicle, to her completely inability to get along with any women on the show, either the producers are weaving a new "never happened" moment, or there is something wrong with this girl. When woman after woman comes us to you saying that Vienna is not right for you, no one can get along with Vienna, Vienna is spoiled, etc., wouldn't that give you a clue that something is up??? Jake! Grab Tenly while you can! Forget Vienna's rebeliousness, it's fun now, but wait until you try to make that marriage work!

This craze for picking the wild child for your mate is going to lead to some interesting resluts.

Who knows, maybe the network created a villain out of a very sweet girl. But when Veinna comes pouting to Jake because she wrecked their brand new volvo and wants an new one, you can't say I didn't tell you so.