Friday, February 5, 2010

Embroidery and Silkscreen and Etching OH MY!

As the New York weather and winds create a most unwelcoming environment outside (and my waterlogged phone sits sadly on my desk), I have retreated to the studio to make some art! I am excited about working in some new mediums in my last semester as a student. I can't believe it is ending so soon. Anyway, here is some glass etching, silkscreening, and digital embroidery I have been working on.

The etched tea lights were gifts for all of the senior girls in my major. These two sets have polka dots and leaves.

For my silkscreening class, I am making an accordian book with a scientific theme. :)

I have been learning how to use the most amzing sewing machine I will probably ever get to touch. It allows the artist to take their own images that they have drawn and interpret the image into embroidery and sewing.

I am sure the weather will stay brisk, so more to come :).