Thursday, March 18, 2010

What sort of miraculous thing is this?

After a great lament over many lost images on my camera, I went to plug my little Canon into my computer to charge and low and behold, all of the images were back! I was happy as a college student that found out her final thesis paper was canceled (hint hint).

I have been roaming around Central Park a lot these last few weeks. Getting outside away from the realm of computers and drawing has done something fantastic for my brain. Even though I am ready to get all this work done and finally graduate, I feel recharged and slightly less ennui.
In a past post I mentioned the delightful little "Nuts 4 Nuts" carts that little NYC's sidewalks. Along with my little hand warmers and the famous Sabret hot-dog stands, I have found a new venue to satisfy my rumbling belly as I wander the park. Off of Broadway and 78th I encounted a truck of goodies, cookies, and all sorts of things that I couldn't resist. I purcharsed this little pumkpkin cookie pie and it was sooooo worth the money! Soft and deliscious, it was a perfect little boost as I headed off to work.
Speaking of work, I have found my new favorite medium: digital embroidery. I can input just about anything into the computer and with little love and patience with technology, Viola! you have a unique, embroidered creation! I have most recently been working on these little matryoshka dolls for senior open studios in a few months.
Well its back to work, no rest for the wicked :).

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