Saturday, May 22, 2010

Graduation Sensation!

I can't believe I am finally done with my Bachelors! Let only graduating with my class.
Over the past for years, I have:

- been to three different colleges
- had 4 different majors (all within art or science)
- moved 6 semesters out of 8 (a total of 11 times including the summers)
- Lived in a sorority
- Lived in a mice and roach infested apartment (I will never miss that about Pratt)
- Learned that I am a grumpasaurus if I pull all-nighters and fall asleep in class anyways. I just can't do it!
- Been in the armed forces
- Worked at least part time every semester
- Met some of the craziest, kindest, and fantastic people
- Done a lot a growing, but there is so much more to do!
- Met the most amazing man in the entire world, got engaged, and finally married!

It has been a crazy college experience, but I loved (most every) minute of it!

Graduation was held in Radio City Music Hall and was an experience within itself. There were hundreds of graduation students in our vibrant red robes with family from all corners of the world. I was so happy that my dad, stepmom, Nana, great-aunt, and my amazing hubby were all able to come. SVA has a video of the whole thing! Check out Visual and Critical Studies for the best major in the school!

SVA Graduation!!!


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