Thursday, August 25, 2011

NYC Rain = Internet Reading

The dark and gloomy city outside

As the rain from the incoming storm front fills the city streets with ... well trash and dirty water.. I have decided to sequester myself inside and take some time catching up on my online reading.

My cousin and I started a conversation on Facebook regarding the dangers of receiving/not receiving childhood vaccinations. There have recently been a number of studies both against and endorsing this practice.

Etsy also did a fantastic post on raw milk . It is probably the nerd in me, but I love the fact that these issues are coming into the limelight. I have to question whether or not accurate evaluations of all of the effects of these processes were discovered when they were first implemented. It is extremely beneficial to be able to ship milk across the country, but should that ever be a "goal" for milk? It is good that both adults and children are less likely to contract a number or diseases, but is your child having the chance of going into anaphylaxis or pneumonia from the vaccine worth that risk? These are some questions that I have debated and have been very torn on. Studies from different institutions have different claims. For some reason, the jury is split on these issues that could be the difference from something as simple as better nutrition to the heart-wrenching battle of life and death.

I was productive tonight :)